Offener Brief an die Organisatoren der Kubb-Weltmeisterschaft

Open Letter to the VM I Kubb Committee

Dear VM i Kubb Organizing Team,

First thank you for 22 years of awesome work growing and supporting the sport of kubb. You are doing a great job. The VM i Kubb in Rone really deserves its title. 


A few weeks ago, I noticed a discussion requesting possible changes for the VM i Kubb. I am pleased to hear you are open to outside suggestions for making the VM i Kubb experience even stronger.

I have some suggestions for your consideration: 

 Use a draw to more evenly distribute the more competitive teams and the more recreational teams within the early stages of the tournament. 
The current process for distributing teams randomly risks to cluster competitive teams in a way where they are eliminating each other early in the tournament, rather than competing with each other later in the tournament. This clustering of talent has impacted my VM experience both positively and negatively over the past two years. As Björn Disch already mentioned we could create a list with the more competitive teams with the help of the existing federations.

 Increase the minimum number of matches a team is guaranteed to play. 
Few teams making the journey to Gotland will advance to the final rounds of the VM. Lower skilled teams are still enthusiastic to make the trip and have the VM experience. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm falls upon hearing they could be eliminated after only three or four matches. They came to play kubb, all day, on a beautiful island. Another solution of the problem is to add the 1/16 final to the tournament.

To sustain the enthusiasm of the lower skilled teams, I suggest you extend the tournament, and increase the minimum number of matches any team is guaranteed to play in the VM. In Germany, the majority of the tournaments guarantee eight matches. 

Simplify the rules for raising kubbs:
The rules for raising kubbs are overly complicated. Even after several discussions with the referees, foreign teams are unsure how to raise kubbs correctly. This is largely evident when multiple kubbs being thrown in very close to each other and needing to be raised, in as a group.
Restrict baton rotation to within 45-degrees in every direction.
Currently, the rules allow batons to rotate 90-degrees in some directions but not others. This causes confusion during gameplay for it’s unclear if the throw was illegal. 

Minimize the opening team’s advantage by minimizing the number of batons thrown in the first round. 
Based on game analysis by the Des Moines Kubb club ( and Basel Kubb ( ), a 6 baton open provides the opening team with a significant advantage. Minimizing the number of batons thrown in the first round minimizes that advantage.

I am of course available at any time to discuss these suggestions in greater detail.
Again, thank you for doing such a great job in Rone.



With the support of the Swiss, Belgian and German Kubb Federation